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what an anti climax!

Merry christmas everyone! bit late i know but hey its still the season!

I wanted to come to just say that im really shocked how nice and easy not smoking at christmas was! tbh the worry over if i get a craving was worse than any craving. wasnt even a proper craving more a thought of 'I want a cig' then it was gone!

im not being complacent though, i know there will be strong urges at some points in time, but it gives me confidence to have done one of those 'cant enjoy without smoking' days done! xx

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That's fab Nikki, am really pleased for you, and Kat too!!

Can't begin to say how inspiring it is to hear people not having more than a brief want


Well done Nikki, I was in the company of 2 smokers for lunch (they smoked outside) then 3 smokers at tea time!

Pleased to say I did not want one :D



You seem to have such a strong quit and have embraced not smoking at Xmas - good on you and everyone else who had a smoke free one.

I'm sure we all had thoughts of smoking but when your mind is set right it's a thought and not a crave.


aww thank you so much for the encouragement guys i really appreciate it :D

Yes I feel very different this quit. I genuinely dont want to be a smoker. I would like a smoke but dont want to be a smoker and there really is a difference. So i just dont have that 'one' smoke I want because I dont want to then have the one after. Now I have that very clear in my head I know what I have to do and can be happy not smoking because its what i want. I just wanted to share that incase anyone is reading and feeling abit of a wobble because im sure thats how all of us feel! but maybe some people who are new to this dont realize wanting a fag doesnt mean you want to be a smoker again.

Now to get through new years ha ha :rolleyes: xx


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