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Day 2 - Baby Steps


Woke up and am having cup o' tea in bed - instead of jumping up, putting the stovetop coffee on and lighting up. Slept well - didn't dream of giant cigarettes :D

Gonna take it easy today, finish breakfast, take the dog out and go to the movies. I have prepaid the ticket, so will leave my wallet at home to ensure I have no money on me whatsoever while I head into town!

Fingers crossed.

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Well done!

As you say, in these early days it's just baby steps. Then slowly but surely, you'll be sprinting along!!!

One day at a time! You can definitely do this!

Movie done - what now??

thanks kat - I always remember what some bloke I used to work with always said:

if you fail to plan - you plan to fail......

I think there's something in there for all of us. (giggling).

Blew my stack at the train stattion attendants for not having current train info - because I thought Iwas going to miss my 'fillum'. Not good form I know... but hurting their feelings is secondary to me not falling off the wagon today - what a cow I be.. I have a very short fuse today :( so I am keeping my headset on so I don't need to hear/talk to anyone. Just not up to it today - well after the station episode this morning......

Movie was great - killed 3 hours - no ciggies. Now having some lunch in town. I did end up taking some money with me - enough to buy some food - but not enough to buy a pack of smokes.

Watched a few people going by with ciggies in hand - and felt the pang - but couldn't do anything about it without $$$ end of story.

I think I will havva nap when I get home - feel sleepy.

Hi :) hope the nap helped hun just remember if you start like your going to lose your temper try taking some slow deep breathes and counting to 10 the emotional side will improve in afew days

i do hope the rest of your day goes well

Yawning all the time

Carol, you're absolutely right - lashing out at others is unacceptable - it's not their fault I am going through nicotine withdrawal.... I had a short nap when I got home then took the dog for a walk.

I cannot stop yawning! I expect it's all the extra oxygen getting to my system - but am struggling to stay awake. I can't believe day 2 is nearly done.

Not sure what I will fill up my day with tomorrow though.....

Day two was the hardest day for me and I'm sure it's the nicotine starting to leave your body for good.

Onwards and upwards for day three when it will get easier and easier every day:)

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