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Hard Times

I'm still around. After a full 4 weeks of struggles and physical withdrawl.. Week 5 and 1/2 of week 6 were pretty decent. I felt in control. The urges were a lot weaker.. Then half way through week 6 BAM!! I feel like I was hit by a bus! Strong urges and sensations are overwhelming me yet again with tiny hints of physical withdrawl in the mix. I guess it doesn't help that my marriage is on the rocks and the hoildays are coming quickly. I haven't caved and I don't plan to!! But i really really thought things would be easier by now!! :-(

42 days tobacco free!!

Quit with E-Cigg for 2 1/2 weeks - CT since!!

Smoked 15 ciggs a day for nearly 20yrs.

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*HUGS* for you Heather

keep strong and keep your chin up. I hope things sort themselves out soon



Thank You! Just venting and talking to people that REALLY understand how hard this is, does help!

Hope you all have a wonderful hoilday!!


Well done for not caving!!!! I hope that you manage to rescue your marriage Heather! Mine nearly ended during one of my previous quits but luckily we managed to save it - I blame Champix rather than the quit.

Hope things pick up for you

Big virtual hug on its way



Hey heather, Im only a few weeks ahead of you so I can really relate to what your saying.

First month is awful isnt it! You ask when will it end? well if you think back to the beginning its WAY better than that, right? so in another month you will feel much better than now and so on. Remember hun, its not going to be wake up Tomorrow feeling like you has never smoked, its going to be gradual. The more you worry about it the longer it will take! Easier said than done I know, but try and stay busy and keep your mind busy, if you water them seeds of doubt they will grow! ignore them and they will wilt and wither.

Well done for not giving in though, thats the east way out and you have no worked this hard to just go and smoke anyways! xxx


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