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No Smoking Day
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9 weeks :)

I Must admit I dont know how I got here. I think the Heavens are looking down on me!

I have saved over £370 already.

Had my braces off and my teeth are so white its a joke!

My skin is really glowing (with a few spots but thats a touchy subject :mad:)

I think getting control of my nicotine addiction has made it easier for me to control other impulses such as eating.

I can drink now without needing a fag too much

I feel so relaxed!!! like omg i did not know relaxation like this! i feel so calm the Buddha himself would be jealous. The whole smoking relaxes you thing is BS!

I still feel tried and sluggish but not overwhelming.

Anyways Wanted to do my check in because its a new room for me now :D happy quitting to all! xxx

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That's really fab!!

Sounds like this time is *the* one for you - because you've got the quit sorted in your head first!!

It's inspiring 'cos I know how much you've fought but now you've got a quit that should stick :D


an inspiration for us newbie quitters. Well done!

Hope you treat yourself to something fab with the money you saved. Im staying away from drink myself at the moment. Its one of my triggers.

So congrats to 9 weeks of kicking butt :D:D


My guard is well and truly up! Im ok drinking now but it still feels like something is missing. Must admit the festive time has brought about a sense of wanting to indulge on what ever I can lol that used to include fags so it is sparking abit of naughty thinking BUT Christmas is one day! no point smoking and having to then smoke the rest of the year.

Princess if you put your mind to it your will be fine! Dont feel deprived look at it as making and choice, sometimes you will think 'ah i wish i hadnt decided to be a non smoker' like when you have a drink, but the rest of time time (which is more of the time) you will think 'im glad i decided to be a non smoker, its so much better!) I enjoy things like shopping more now because i can relax and really bargain hunt! before i would be abit edgy after 30 mins because I would need a cig so I never fully submerged myself into anything!

Thank you for the lovely comments :) xxx


Well done you - have to second that, you are inspring and I can't wait to get to where you are - hats off :)


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