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Day 11

Hello everyone. I've not posted before because I'm not very good at it, I mean about getting my thoughts on paper. But I've been reading the posts on here and seen the support that posters receive and it's about time I stopped messing about and joined in. Well, in fact, it's a bit more urgent than that. I'm coming to the end of my 11th day of not smoking and I'm struggling. The first week was relatively easy but for the last few days, instead of coping with an identifiable craving, it seems to have been a continuous bombardment of longing.

I've almost talked myself into going to the shop and buying some tobacco before it closes because I couldn't face a sleepless night waiting for the shops to open tomorrow. The upside is I've read enough on here and heard from people who have also been through it, to know what's really going on.

So that's it really, I had the choice of going to the shop or writing this post. If you're reading this it looks like I might be heading for day 12 and that I believe you when you say it gets better. Actually, just writing this has made things better enough. Now I've started with the posting I'll try and concentrate on making it a little bit more regular. Thanks for that.

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Hi Paul,I am in my 4 month, I read, and remembered those moments...but I'm still here and still sane, and feeling very happy and comfortable with my non-smoking self-It is SO WORTH the struggle, It does get easier, I PROMISE YOU THAT, hold on, brush off those horrble will be in my place very soon xxx


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