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week six

Start of week 6!!!!!

I found it hard going yesterday.

I had put my patch on lower down my arm and when I do that it never seems to work as well so today it's gone back to being higher up my arm.

Also had 2 of my grand children stay over Friday night.

For some reason I get stressed when I have them but they were as good as gold and we were very busy. Dressed the christmas tree Fri, shopping with them in the morning yesterday and then had to make mince pies with them.

It would have been so easy to drop into the garage on way home from delivering them back to their mums lighting up and just sitting down and collapsing in a heap.

Never got much else done and being so near christmas day I really have lots to do. The main thing is I didn't cave in and buy any cigs even though i wanted one.

Today I need to hit the shops again, also need to do the house work that never got done yesterday.

I am watching a nicotine stain on one of my teeth gradually disapearing, as soon as it's gone it will really hit me of what I am achieving. Another postive in my quit

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way to go hun

sounds like you had a great time with the little ones

ive got my two coming to stay tomorrow which im really looking forward to

:eek: dont envy you going shopping i had mine delivered yesterday so im all sorted now :)


Been out present shopping again. All shopped out for them now.

Just got food shop for few bits monday or early Tuesday morning

Just put hover round now to make a fruit cake.

Patch is working better today,don't feel as needy.

Only problem with extra energy is that I over do things and by evening am worn out. Husband tells me off


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