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New Quit

Hi all

I'm now on my fourth week week as a non smoker. Have given up before but silly things have started me to smoke again.

This time I didn't plan to stop just decided that enough is enough.

I've managed Christmas parties, a potential change in job interview and someone reversing into my car and still didn't feel the need to smoke!!

I love this forum and have been looking at posts and wanted to add a post and share my journey going forward.


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Well done on 4 weeks, the way to prevent the silly things tripping you up is to change the way you think about smoking.

If you see quitting as a sacrifice then there will always the temptation to slip back into old ways. Try instead to see it as a positive experience regaining health, wealth and control.

There is a physical aspect to quitting and its time and a bit of endurance which deals with that, what is trickier is the habitual side. Smoking has for most of us been part of us for all of our adult lives and becomes something of a conditioned response. Learning how to live without a fag in out hand takes some practice, however, its very doable and as the old adage goes, practice makes perfect!

Good luck and keep up the great work.



Thank you both and your right I seem to be seeing this as getting rid of something like a big weight which is making all the difference with this quit:)


Brilliant attitude Lucy :D and Congratulations of getting four weeks under your belt in the season of temptation and a personal period of stress. Keep focused on what you want out of this because I have a feeling you will breeze through this ;)


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