No Smoking Day
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somewhere in month 2

Chugging along nicely in month 2. Can't quite remember if its week 5 or 6 but think its 5 going 6 on Sunday. I have kept my empty boxes of patches to remind me.

Benefits so far.

More money for me

Not puffed out after climbing stairs at night.

Not smelly

Not standing outside in the dark and cold

Still getting the feeling of would like a fag every so often but try to think of something else to do that takes mind off them. It's not a crave, it's just like a wave that washes over me every so often

Every so often I get into bed and realise I haven't taken my patch off so have to very quietly remove it without waking the husband. If I leave it oni don't sleep very well, start having bad dreams :eek:

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Oh that's fab, massive well done to you!!


Brilliant that you are chugging your way steadily through this ;) You will start seeing more and more benefits soon. They sort of sneak up on you in a really nice way. Keep up the fab work :D


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