Eek... and YAY!!!!!

Hi guys,

Had to make a point of posting today. I have been able to get on briefly but today is a special day. Not only do I haven't first panto performance tonight, but I have reached 100 full days as a non smoker. I still get the odd thought but, apart from shock at how much they cost, I can brush these easily aside.

Will get updating properly before Christmas. In fact, I'll be having a nice relaxing birthday on Sunday so I'll update properly on Sunday.

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  • Mark, you will be as fabulous tonight in the panto as your role as a non-smoker - basically, you rock :D

  • Well done Mark...and good luck tonight..xx

  • Massive well done Mark, that's flipping fab :D :D

    So glad you don't even want one now too - brilliant!!

    Have a super time tonight :)

  • there are quite literally thousands and thousands of smokers who would read your post and be totally green with envy, wishing desperately they could be magically transported to standing where you stand today.

    Deep down, every smoker wants to stop, whether they admit it or not

  • Thanks for all the kind words guys.

    Kat - I am in one of our 'babes in the wood' cast as the dumber half of the comic duo. Think I'm being type cast lol

  • Well done Mark and I hope the performance went well for you:)

  • How did it go?






    You truly are a star

    even thought you have by now reached 102 days

    hope you have a great xmas and have great fun doing the panto


    sending hugs your way x

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