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A moment of clarity at last the penny drops!!

Ok so this is stupid but literally I read this one line and thought, of course! That's it!! The line is very simple....

Smoking is not comforting, it is simply familiar

I get it now I really do! How ridiculous!! Hahah I feel like a weight has been lifted that I finally get it!!!! Of course it's just familiar... When I have been crying and down, (which I have a lot lately!) I would normally have a fag and a cup of tea or a fag and a chat on the phone to a friend and I thought that was comforting... So as my quit has gone on and I am getting more and more stressed I realise that my coping mechanism was a cig which is literally just familiar to me, not comforting at all!!! :) :) :)

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That realisation could be the key to a successful quit for you Donna. It really is just a case of getting your mind set right so that you can embrace your quit, rather than struggle and fight with it.

In your examples, the comfort would have come from the cup of tea or the chat with a friend. I now find that a cup of tea is comforting in need for a fag to go with it.

I hope you will find it easier now. :)




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