No Smoking Day
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10 (and a half) weeks!

Although this isn't a milestone as such, I feel like I should post now just to update everyone on my progress and vent.

Many a time this past week have I almost (drunkenly) lost my quit - but thankfully didn't. I have no idea how my intoxicated self manages to say NO or avoids smoking. In the past this is how I have always gone back to smoking. I have stood in smoking areas, talked to smokers (pretty much blowing it in my face) and I don't even feel tempted.

This time round I feel so great about being a non-smoker and each day feel the benefits of not smoking, I know this time I won't ever go back. It just feels different from other quits. I've worked out that March will be my 6 month milestone, half-way to making a year - which is something I have never achieved. I haven't not smoked for a year since I was 12, which is disgusting for even me to contemplate.

If you just keep telling yourself that this is your last attempt at quitting, there really is no going back. It's either you quit, or smoke for life (albeit a short one). ;)

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Well Done LewisS....

Im hot on your heals of 10 weeks and 1 day so you have to stay quit now :)


Oh, Lewis.....that is such a good post to read! :D Your pride and happiness shine through as they rightly should. You have achieved so much and I, for one, think that ten and a half weeks is a milestone worth celebrating, so have one on me and keep going from strength to strength with that quit of yours! Remember to keep us posted, too!



Oh wow Lewis!!!! How brilliant is that! How quickly has that passed? Can't believe it is 10 weeks +.

So very pleased for you and you should be very proud of your self. You have given yourself the best present ever!:)


Aww, thanks!

Thanks guys, really appreciate the support because that is what is driving me to carry on. Maybe in my past quits, the missing link was this forum!

Other than support it's amazing to see my teeth get whiter, skin look healthier and hair feel thicker. We all know of the internal risks of smoking, but we often forget those because we can't physically see them occurring. So that's extra motivation for me. I wear braces so I wouldn't want to ruin my orthodontists work by staining them with cigs!

I'll make sure to post back in a few weeks because your kind words of support are really motivational and I want to beat this!


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