No Smoking Day

A new month for me 😊

Hi again!

Just thought I'd pop in with a quick update from me - 28 days today so I think I can officially say hi to starting month 2!!! Yay, so so proud.

Had a fab night out on Saturday, lots of drinks etc and I DIDN'T smoke!

Enjoying the freedom, feeling chilled and happy and seem to be able to fit more and more into each day.

On the downside, covered in spots (never had spots ever before), put on about 100 stone and still have that feeling that I'm 'missing something' .

Haven't used the ecig for over a week, so hopefully am nicotine free too.

Hope everyone else is doing ok, stay strong


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Well done Tangled...those quit zits really are a downer aren't they? Still they don't last forever....keep on going just as you are, the time will start to fly by :)


Well done, Tangled! I know what you mean about the 100 stone, although thankfully I have no spots. The feeling of missing something will's just another of those hurdles that have to be got over in the journey to freedom. :) Stay'll keep on getting better and better......just get over each hurdle as it comes along and before you know it, it'll be another month done! :)



Congrats on getting to month 2 brilliant stuff!! I am told it gets easier and easier as time goes on, keep up the good work :)) x


Well done Tangled in getting to month2 you must be very pleased with yourself and rightly so:)


Your doing great!

1 day at a time...your gonna do great! If you have a fit, get a

lozenge under the takes the edge off! It really helped me!


Ha - just watched Tangled with Grandson - magic. Keep up the good work - its ALL in the mind! :D


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