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Day 53

and doing ok apart from the eating bit, I cannot control it at all :confused: I've had to buy a whole load of bigger clothes, I hate being fat, I've been bulimic in the past and I'm seriously fighting against that whilst being menopausal :eek: and keeping off the cigs. To be honest, it all really sucks BIG time :(

On the up side, today we went to visit a warship and had to wait in a very very long queue (most of it in the customs building) for over an hour and I didn't need to nip outside for a smoke :)

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Cold turkey after 40 have my utmost respect :) And as long as there is an upside, it's worth the downside :D



53 days CT!!?? Massive well done to you!! You are a stronger person than I am!

Keep positive, you are doing amazing Helen....:D:D


I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry about the weight too much, as my cessation nurse said, you can lose weight any time but you only ever get one set of heat and lungs. Keep up the brilliant work, you are doing fantastically well. ;)


Wow Helen, I smoked for 40 years but needed Champix to help me. I think you are doing great but I also think you would benefit from the support of a stop smoking clinic if you aren't already :) Keep going and the benefits will increase by the weeks:)


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