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struggling with the festive season upon us?


ok so last night was the works Xmas doo... wow what can I say that was some tough s*it right there..... had a few bevvies well quite alot of bevvies actually and felt strong enough to go outside with my smoking friends and just be around them.... how wrong could I be!! I asked 8 people for " just one drag".... thankfully they all said no, however I couldnt last all night and had to get hubby to pick me up cos I was absoloutely gasping for a cig!! I am pleased to report however quit still in tact I didnt succomb even tho there was a spar right next door and I could of bought 10 my stubborness is willing me on I refuse to fail, just wondered how everyone is faring with the socialising aspect of being a non smoker? personally I am thinking I wont be able to go out for quite a few months yet!!

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Hi Donna, well done for not getting some from the Spar!

It is still early days for you just yet so don't worry too much. The festive season is a trigger for most people, that is why I am in awe of people who quit around this time of year (I don't think I could have) This is when you will have to dig in and grit your teeth and get on with it.

It will get easier I promise and it will be so worth it. Keep on keeping on as they say!:)

I don't drink so don't have to worry about that side of things......just wanted to admire your stubbornness, it got me through my first month, glad it's working for you ;)

My girlfriend and I go out quite a bit together to events and see friends and all. Not smoking has been ok when I have people to keep me occupied while she smokes. Occasionally I still get the urge to give her some company while she goes outside to smoke but in the end I just try to avoid the smoking crowd. I still have a few 'social' triggers but honestly they get weaker and weaker all the time. Even the really strong urges become very weak after 2-3 encounters. All you have to do is say no :D

Congrats on maintaining your quit, I know how tough it can be sometimes.

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