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What are your positives????

Some days are hard.. but I’m getting through them one day at a time. Through the nicotine urges, I know I don’t want to smoke.. I know it’s just the easy out.. but sometimes the withdrawal urges make me feel physically ill.

I need some positive and I’m sure other people do too!! What are the top 5 positives you have experienced since quitting??

Here are mine

1-Cleaner teeth and breath

2-Not as tired all the time

3-Can breathe easier and cough less

4-Feeling generally proud of myself

5-Saving a little money each week

Day 26 Tobacco Free – Day 5 Nicotine Free

Used E-Cig for 2+ weeks and this Forum

Smoked 15-20 a day for almost 20yrs

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1 - Saving £45 per week.

2 - Reducing the risk of terrible fatal diseases - I hope .

3 - I feel clean and fresh.

4 - My skin looks much nicer, especially face and hands.

5 - Taking wonderful great lungfuls of air, without coughing.

PS Please can I have a sixth?

6 - Feeling proud of what I have achieved (almost forgot that one!)




Top 5, wow that's tough, I can honestly say there are so many- but here goes

1. Getting a whole night's sleep without coughing

2. Taste, I can't believe how good everything tastes

3. Time, I have gained on average 2 hours a day

4. That extra half hour in bed in the morning

5. That wonderful feeling of freedom



1. Ability to breathe!!!

2. Cleaner teeth.

3. Ability to run distances, raising lots of cash for charities in the process.

4. Cleaner house.

5. Freedom of movement.



All of the above plus having paid off my overdraft and buying LOTS of new expensive pairs of shoes ( my favourites are on a shelf in my bedroom;))

the worst thing is smelling smokers:mad:


Here are my 5

My top 5 are.....

1. more disposable cash :D

2. better taste and smell :D

3. Kids delighted and not worried about my health anymore:D

4. Don't get colds like I used to :D

5. Less stressed :D


I am fairly new to it so not having the full benefits yet but so far:

1/ my teeth are much whiter and feel cleaner

2/ I have saved £170

3/ my breathing seems easier

4/ ( and this is the most noticeable to me) although I feel more depressed right now my anxiety levels are lower and touch wood I haven't had any panic attacks :)


When my husband just in our everyday life leans in for a kiss, and I would turn my cheek because I had recently smoked, . I now can kiss him or the children at any hour of the day or night, and know I don't smell terrible.

Being able to sit in the car and drive with the heat on and the windows up..... that is nice.

My teeth, yup , whiter already

My hair still smells of shampoo in the late afternoon, so I enjoy buying the fancier types now.

No longer getting into a stress because I want to smoke and am in a no smoking area. I can go for a coffee now and enjoy it and not be edgy because I want a smoke with said coffee.

I can visit people now and stay chatting with them, not have to leave to go outside, I can book long haul flights, I can go on train journies. I can enjoy a movie. I can enjoy a beer, from start to finish with my friends, and not have to leave.......... and the list goes on.:D


Cor, whittling it down to 5 is tough but here goes:

1. Not seeing my wife turn her nose up at me after i've been outside (barely perceptable but nice to see it's not there now)

2. The feeling that I can breath MUCH easier when cycling

3. Not having to worry about smoking around my little boy

4. My little boy not growing up wanting to 'smoke just like daddy' (this is perhaps the greatest benifit for me)

5. The extra cash is nice too

Blimey, I really could just go on and on! :D :D


OooOOOoo thats tough....

How do you limit it to just 5!?

1. More money, finding it stays in your purse alot longer than it used to

2. Not smelling of fags, and my home not smelling of them too!

3. My little lady seeing that smoking is NOT a nice thing, and so not to do it!

4. Breathing...literally breathing properly! Full lungs, more energy because of full lungs!

5. BEING WARM!! Better circulation, warm toes in the winter, body temperature being better regulated!

The list is endless.......I think if we really sat down and wrote everything down, we would truly be amazed and I think our pride in each other, and ourselves would compel us to stay strong! :D

We are all doing wonderfully well :D:D


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