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'Quit zits' help!!

Hey folks. So im doing well, over a month smoke free, i think im roughly 6 weeks ive lost count lol

so ive quit great BUT i literaly can not stop getting spots! literaly one after another of these white heads! around my mouth and my chin area. one side has been slightly more cystic that the other of my face.

Any advise on how long this takes to stop will be great, its really damaging my confident like ALOT - its honestly so bad i fear it will send me back :(

anyways yeah advise from people who expienced this would be great xxx

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Not a great deal of help as I don't recall getting them but here is the explanation



Yes I had them too same area ! I'd look at it as a good's all that smoke coming out your pores ! I did more or less same as Kat. Also I used to steam a lot. Soaking a hot as you can bear cotten flannel and laying on your whole face till it goes cold. Lovely feeling, then splash with cold to close the pores. Also, I used to drink a lot of fresh hot lemon juice. I cannot remember when mine went but they do eventually. DONT SQUEEZE EM... :eek:


Well done, nikki - you're doing brilliantly!

Another thing which might help a bit is having a fresh pillowcase every day. If your face is getting a bit greasy, the grease can soak into the pillowcase and then you are laying your face upon a greasy pillowcase every night and making things even worse. :eek: It must be worth a try.....anything is worth a try in the fight against fags. :)




I love squishing zits Nikki,so if you are down Bath way drop by won't you:p :D

Failing that Nic's link is superb and dead accurate. Good going by the way you are cracking on superbly!!!!!

Or Sunderland too, I love a good zit popping session :D


Mmmm great idea Karri!! Angela let's meet!! :D:D

Trouble is I rarely had any decent spots to pop myself,and doing it to a Girlfriend's buttock-well somehow,that would often end up with us breaking up cannot imagine why...:rolleyes:

Throw in a couple of scabby knees to pick at and I'm in ;)


ha ha back away from my spots! they are mine ALL MINE! mwhahaha! i love popping spots :D but im not doing that this time as i dont want pigmentation for months after!

Update though, Ive had my womanly's and thats released some tension I think because the spots are clearing up! one left next to my lip and im sorted.

Yeah its def the smokes, my forehead never gets em and its covered with tiny ones! lucky i rock a fringe so whatever! lol


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