Day 25 yeah baby!

Well folks, how is everyone?

Alls ok here, chuffed to be on day 25, had another stressful day at work but I barely thought about smoking so feeling more confident that I am learning to handle things :)

Treating myself to a hetty Hoover tomorrow so excited (how sad) lol! It's £110 so to justify it I figured if I smoked 10 a day that's roughly £28 a week * 4 weeks of freedom = new hetty Hoover woop woop!

Supposed to be off tomorrow but due to the issue in work I have to go in arrghhh but at least it's Friday!

Must say though missing our Gemma-Lou :(

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  • That is BLOOMING BRILLIANT!!!! well done xxx:D

  • Well done Mrsmash and happy hoovering

  • Well Done MrsMarsh!! Its nice to treat ourselves with the things we want! :)

    I have a Henry....mind he is getting a bit battered now though...he is lovely...and yes, I do talk to him as Im hoover away! :)

  • Well done MrsMash, you'd get on with my OH - he LOVES cleaning (strange man!) and he got really excited when we bought our latest hoover, me, I get excited over new kitchen gadgets. Congratulations on your little treat - just think, £100.00 at least a month to spend on what you want

  • way to go Mrs Mash!!!!

    An Inspiration to us early day quitters!

    Enjoy your new hoover :D

  • Good stuff MrsMash, every right to be confident nearly a month in, excellent!! :)

    MagicMom resisted, Debbie's back in the saddle and you're forging ahead - a happy friday indeed! :D

  • MRS Mash

    You should change your name to now a new MRS SMASH !

    Because that's what you have done to the Nicodemon...SMASHED HIM RIGHT WHERE HE CANT GET TO YOU ANYMORE !

    Well Done :) xx

  • Well done, are doing so well with your quit:).....

    ....and a big "welcome" to Hetty, too! :)



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