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When does weight gain settle? :/

Just wondered when weight gain settles? I am piling on the weight depite trying to eat healthier, I have fibromyalgia and underactive thyroid which isnt brilliant for metabolism as it is but with the smoking aswell its horrendous :(

I notice people are saying when your quit is "established" when roughly will that be?

I am fed up Xmas in 3 weeks which will just add to weight gain any advice would be great thanks

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Your quit is established when you are fully in control, even four and a bit months down the line I wouldn't say mine's established but maturing nicely. I have rheumatoid arthritis so exercise is difficult when I get flare ups and unfortunately I've always been a gannet so I'm trying hard to fill up on veggies and eat less in volume of carbs and proteins. You could try myfitnespal, they have a dieters version of this forum and it really helps you understand just how much you are eating.


I have read that when you stop smoking you should cut out 300 calories a day or exercise to the equivalent of 300 calories and this should help in not gaining weight. Don't know if its true or not. I put on 2 stone when I quit for 18months, am just on day 3 but once week 1 is out the way I will be trying this, I really don't want to gain as much weight as last time.


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