No Smoking Day
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I almost caved last night. I literally felt like I was going crazy.. I hated myself and the world around me. The urge was so intense. I was miserable and mean. I was giving myself the excuse that it wasn’t worth being the crazy mom that I am becoming.. but luckily I knew it was just an excuse and I will soon be out of this major transitional phase and it will all be worth it someday really soon. I’ve been lucky.. 97% of my co-workers and about 80% of my family and friends are non-smokers so I have been able to avoid smokers and alcohol for the past 24 days. I couldn’t imagine the battle some of you had to go through to beat this crazy addiction!

Waiting for the day I can go all day without thinking about smoking!!

Smoker for almost 20 yrs, about 15-20 a day.

Started at age 14 – Quit November 11,2013 at 4:15pm at age 33

Going strong but it’s NOT easy!

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Well done on not giving in, Heather! You might have felt miserable yesterday, but I'd bet that you would have felt even more miserable if you'd caved! I think that we can sometimes subconsciously allow ourselves to get riled just so that we can justify having a fag.....I know I did!:o

There are good days and bad days when quitting, but as time goes by, the good days get more frequent and the bad days become fewer. So keep plodding on and come here if you need to have a scream! :D



Hi heather,

Well done on beating the demon, my does he try his hardest when we're having a bad day or feeling low!

But sod him! We don't need him to give us extra grief in our life's! We will use these days to confirm to ourselves and him we don't need him to get through life!

We're stronger than this :)


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