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A hello and a plea for help


Hi everyone. I just joined here and wish I'd found this forum sooner. I quit smoking as part of Stoptober so I've been smokefree for 9 weeks now! Yay me! I quit cold turkey after about 23 years of daily smoking - around 20 a day in the past years - and haven't relapsed at all. But there's times when I've found it really hard and if I'd known there was a forum full of people trying to give up too, I think it would have made those hard times easier to bear.

And now the plea for help. I have had no cough or phlegm at all, and I'm beginning to worry. Surely after 20+ years of smoking there's something down there to bring up. My GP has been quite dismissive of my concerns - and also the fact that I've quit, offering no support, help or even a well done - but I feel as if there's a problem. My breathing is wheezy after the slightest exertion and I get out of breath faster than ever. It also takes me longer to catch my breath.

Has anyone else noticed similar symptoms? Are any other 2-monthers not producing phlegm? I know I should probably go to the doctor and force her to listen, but it's just so demoralising when she's dismissive. Any help any of you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Hi there and welcome!!! Well done for reaching 9 weeks - that's brilliant! This forum is fab - lots of really caring, supportive people on here. Regarding your question, I would most certainly go back to your doctor just to check. I don't know if everyone's body clears out the gunk at the same rate but for me it was after 2 weeks. I would have thought that it would come at some point though. Keep posting here when you need to!!


Hi Airion,

Welcome and well done on getting to 9 weeks with no support, even from your doctor!

You'll love this forum, it's a madhouse but it certainly helps to pass the time! You can always find answers to any question here as there will be someone around who has experienced or is experiencing the same thing that you are.

Dive in and read as much as you can, there is so much wisdom on here. Post loads and get as involved as you want to.

I didn't cough anything up at all to be honest, I've been quit for just over 14 months and I still have a sense of having to clear my throat. (as though I were about to say something really profound and important, which being a lady I obviously was, but I digress :D) It is almost as though my chest is clearing very slowly. I found going for nice brisk walks help with improving my lung capacity and enabled me to take deeper and deeper breaths (having a dog helps with that!)

You should definitely go back to your doctors if you're worried though. Your doctor is paid to support you and allay any fears you may have.

Keep doing what you're doing and I wish you strength in your quit

Good luck with the doctors, please let us know how you get on

Molly x

I wouldn't worry too much about the not coughing up phlegm part. Hearing about the wheezing and difficulty breathing is a bit worrisome though. Especially if it starts sounding a bit like a rattle, could indicate it is something as bad as pneumonia. I went through a short period where my lungs hurt and felt worse, then got a cold and respiratory infection, but it goes away soon enough. I'd go back to your doctor and tell them you are worried about an infection or something, and definitely go right away if it keeps getting worse.

Welcome to the forum, and Great Job getting to where you are, it only gets better!!!

Hello Airion and welcome!

You've done 9 weeks, with absolutely no help or support :eek:.....that is amazing, you should feel so very proud of yourself.:D

I'm a 2 monther (nearly 3) and have not had any coughing or phlegm either. I smoked 15-20 a day for 41 years and was expecting a really good cough/clearout, but it didn't happen. I agree with debbieh that some of us probably clear it out in other ways!


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