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Clean out your lungs!


I didn't know what to title this post, sorry for the silly heading. I was just researching smoking, quitting, staying quit, and the recovery process, and I found this. It is scary to see how long it really does take to clear out your longs, what scares me more is I smoked for longer than the guy who wrote the article. I certainly wouldn't mind having a hoover job done on my lungs.

what do you think?

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Great read,thanks for posting biddypat!

Definitely proves we're on the right track!

I don't know whether to be relieved or scared at this point. But at least I know I have done the first part. I am also inhaling deep breaths and to combat that feeling I had before of not being able to inhale enough hair, ( which was weird to be honest) My son taught me a trick to help increase lung capacity, you breathe in in little inhales, keep going until you feel like a balloon, ( so reverse of blowing up a balloon, inhale , hold inhale , etc) Then hold your breath and slowly exhale, but don't stop keep going until you can get every little bit of air out, you may feel a tad dizzy first time or so,. What happens though is all of a sudden you take in massive intake of air, and it triggers a cough that will clear anything that is there, . I do it a few times a day if I think of it, and I have managed to feel the benefit of each breath much sooner than I expected.

Good read. Helps towards motivation.

DM are fear mongerers, sensationalists, and outright liars sometimes... I don't trust what they say as far as I could throw them. There are plenty of other resources to stop smoking, don't use The Fail, it's probably full of rubbish. Clicking on their links gives them ad revenue.

Sorry OP, no direspect intended towards you, this isn't a personal attack but the Daily Fail are an awful tabloid who try to pretend to be a proper newspaper. Run awaaaay!

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