Day 2 again grrrrrr

Well here I am again day 2 nearly over with I really need to beat this filthy habit.My mum has copd and has to have oxygen for the rest of her life and I really don't want my kids to see that happen to me .I feel ok just light headed and finding it hard to sleep.My bf smokes around me but that isn't bothering me at the moment I will take things a step at a time and this time will be my last quit no more filthy fags for me x

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  • Good luck with it Tracy, just post on here, lots & lots ;)

  • Thanks for the replys

    Hi thanks for the quick replys my plan is to post on here everyday and if I get tempted read some posts then read some more .I wish I could sleep but time will sort that out thanks again for your support x

  • This is the best aid you'll have, this forum, I'm sure Max will agree...well done on the first couple of days!!!!!

  • Fairplay to you for trying again. keep up the good work xx

  • Wishing you all the best at stopping.... You will do it....

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