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I thought it would be eaiser by now

I thought week 1-3 were suppose to be the worst and it was suppose to get easier in week 4?!? I have been having intense cravings/urges the past few days. They seem to last for hours. I am tense and edgy still. I haven't used the e-cig since Friday.. so it may be nicotine withdrawl AGAIN. ugh! I just want the hard part to be over already!!!! :-(

Day 23!

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Well done on 23 days...... Personally I found week three a doddle and week 4 an absolute cow, it's different for everyone I guess. Day 30 was my watershed personally, I've had little trouble since then thankfully, just the situational stuff. Stick with it, you're doing beautifully :)


I'm sure that it is just the nicotine withdrawal.

I remember when I came off lozenges I had a bit of a rough following week.

Hang in there the more time you can put between now and your last smoke (or ecig) the more straight forward it becomes.

There will be good days and bad days but as you go along the bad days get fewer and good ones get more plentiful.


Honestly Heather, it really does start getting better. Although the cravings seem to last for hours they actually only really last a few minutes, unfortunately at the moment your perspective of time is shot as you're on a knife edge. Try deep breathing, sipping icy cold water and short bouts of exercise, my personal favourite is 30 seconds of jumping jacks or running on the spot really quickly, by the time I can breath again the craving has totally gone. Keep up the brilliant work, you are worth it ;)


It really helps to know i'm not alone! Sometimes it feels like NO ONE understands and that I'm all alone in this battle, but then I sign on here and all of you make me feel supported! Thank You :-)


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