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Start of week 3!


Hi again!

Well here I am at the end of day 15 - it's gone quite quickly really and I think less and less about smoking everyday - the thoughts do come but they are more a proud' I don't smoke' thought rather than an 'I want a fag' thought😃

The best best best effect has been the psychological freedom I feel from not having to fit in a sneaky smoke whenever I can - I was a very secret smoker and I didn't realise how much stress I caused myself hiding my habit from everyone.

Feel much more relaxed and calm and I think that has countered some of the quitting symptoms. Physically however I feel exhausted, tight chested, am constantly croaky and having to clear my throat and have put on about half a stone 😳!!

Feel very grateful for this forum and all your thoughts and advice.

This one may well stick!


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Great post Tangled, as Max say's very positive. Get them first 3 weeks done and dusted and I bet you notice a big difference. For me it got so much easier from then on. You have loads to look forward to, you will be healthier, wealthier and you wont smell of smoke, how good is that:)


Thankyou for replying - it really keeps me going.

I am feeling positive today but I also am well aware that it's very early days and my quit is still very fragile - I can honestly say I wouldn't trust myself at all if I was with a smoker - the temptation to just have one would be overwhelming I think. Best stay well away!!

Stil, I can be proud that it didn't smoke today or for the last 2 weeks and thatsa good start.


It is a great start Tangled. We all had to start somewhere:)

Well done, Tangled! :) Doesn't it feel great to be free!

It's good that you are not complacent about your quit.....nic can sense when people are getting a bit complacent and letting their guards down a bit, and that is when he will strike. :eek:

So, keep up the excellent work and continue to relish your freedom! If ever you feel tempted to smoke, remind yourself of how absolutely brilliant and amazing you are feeling now. Head up, shoulders back, take a lovely deep breath of fresh Autumn air and feel rightly proud of yourself! :)


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