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Day 14 and airports!

Well nearly two weeks in the bag for me, best I've done in a while!

Not long after landing, I don't be in an airport that often but nicodemon didn't forget he was ever there, got craves as soon as I got outside. Probably seeing all the smokers getting their fix and remembering how I used to have to do that. A piece of nicotine gum did the trick and then I thought about how I actually felt and the response I got was, peaceful! It felt good not having to stress when or whether or not I'd get my fix!

How's everyone doing? Xx

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The best bit, is that you don't have to stress going into an airport worrying that you won't get that last fix before boarding a plane and having to remain smoke free for hours on end. No longer worrying as you wait for your case that they won't come out immediately while all you can think about is getting out for that smoke...


Very true biddypat life is so much less stressful :D


Really encouraging MrsM, it's amazing when you start tasting the freedom isn't it? One of my biggest motivations has been that I'm no longer a slave to my addiction. I remember last year in the bad snow, I was stood outside of my office building, shivering like mad whilst desperately trying to smoke a cig as quickly as possible and the boss asking "is it worth it?" - "Y-e-s-s-s-s" I replied through chattering teeth. Laughable now, but at the time I meant it :o Keep up the brilliant attitude, you soooooo can do this ;)


I hit a trigger last week that I hadn't realised was there, ie I knew that smoke after a meal would be a trigger, I have that one in the bag, the first one in the morning, that one sorted too......

However last week I had to travel for an hour, * the blight of living in a rural area* to a good toy shop to do my " man in red shop". So I used to smoke and drive, but I was fine, until I had all my stuff put in the boot, opened the door and got into the car and boy did I really really want a smoke. I never expected it. It was one of those good feeling triggers, like ok that's done and dusted, lets have a smoke and celebrate.. :eek:. I hate those sneaky triggers.


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