No Smoking Day
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Wow thank god for this site!!

So day 36 here, 3 weeks of no nicotine :D soon my brain will be same as a non smoker apparently!

I had the night from HELL last night. family matters, stress levels 100% :mad::mad: BUT I didnt crave a fag at that point.

Woke up this morning still very upset about it all and found myself moping for a fag all day :eek: there was a point where I had convinced myself i would rather smoke. I kept a little of my strengh in the fact I didnt smoke during the stress so do i 'need' to now?

And as always, a visited here and reading other posts about peoples blips and how horrible it is reminds you that its not worth losing all that hard work, its really not. Espeacially when the consequences are cancer, heart disease and lung problems...Its very theraputic that people share when they have blips as it helps them back on the road to recovery and helps others stay on the road! so thank you xxx

Im happy I have kept my quit intact. Going to a friends tonight for a few days, going to have a laugh and eat instead :D xx

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I hope you had a good night last night Nikki and I am glad you didn't give in to the craves under stress. Well done!:)


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