Still Smoke Free!

Good Morning Everyone! I am sooo happy to see so many of the same faces are still here - meaning everyone is kicking this nasty habit/addiction in the ****! I am happy to say I am approaching my 7th month. This has not been an easy fight - but I am moving right along! I just wanted to say I have not forgotten this forum and all of the support everyone gave me and hopefully will still give me if ever I feel like I might fail. Good job guys, keep moving forward and fight the fight! Breathe better, smell better and look younger!

4 Replies

  • Keep going!

    Well done Melzee,good to see that you are still quit:) Keep on keeping on!:)

  • Nice to see you again Melzee, glad you're still going strong :)

  • Coming up to 7 months......that's brilliant, Melzee, I'm so pleased for you. :) Keep up the good work! :D



  • Well done that is great going, :D

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