17 days :D

Hi, OMG delighted to say i'm on day 17 and thoughts of smoking are getting less and less :) so many benefits of not smoking i work as a beauty therapist and no matter how much i washed my hands, brushed my teeth, used mints, spray,perfume etc etc etc i believe my clients could smell smoke from me and this used to embarrass me :eek: but .........not any more I'M FREE!!!

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  • Its a rotten feeling when u know u stink and have to be around people, but its great when u know that u dont anymore. it just makes you relax around people. well done another example of the freedom that comes from quitting.


  • Just seem to be detoxing now. My skin and hair are dryer than ever :confused: and have had constant sinus congestion, not nice however trying to see it as a positive and flushing out the inner nasties! Anyone else noticed anything like this? Xx

  • Good for you Clairx, great decision to quit, no more feeling embarrassed, great health benefits and great Financial benefits, what's not to like:)

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