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Wonderful news

Yesterday I had some wonderful news, I had to go to see the consultant at the hospital for the results of my blood test the last time I had to see her for the same reason I was a smoker then!124 DAYS AGO Well yesterday she was all smiles and for the nicest possible reasons, she has no need to see me again! The results of blood tests as a non-smoker were dramatic at the same time as becoming a non smoker I also changed my diet into a healthier one, I lost 5lb in weight not much but considering most people put weight on while stopping the killer habit I am happy with that, but there is more to lose!

Well here are the numbers, which has created the joy in my family and my Doctor and of course me

When I was a smoker

Cholesterol 11.2

Triglyceride 19.8

The results yesterday were as a non-smoker

Cholesterol 6.5

Triglyceride 3.2

So as you can see a dramatic difference and very encouraging, so I hope this will help anyone who may be having similar problems, by stopping smoking you not only make a huge difference to your WEALTH you can make a tremendous difference to your HEALTH good luck.

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Oh Rex, that is fantastic news. Not only getting wealthy but healthy too ;)


Rex that's amazing news!!!!!! Really really pleased for you :D


Oh wow that's fab!!

Really glad you've got a clean bill of health :)


So encouraging, thanks for sharing :)


Great news that Rex, well done and well deserved too:)


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