No Smoking Day
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Feel yakkk!

Ive got Atkins flu (no comments on my choice of diet please). I haven't put any weight on this time from stopping smoking but I did last time and its still hanging about.

Im drinking beef broth for the sodium, but the upside of this sick feeling is that Ive gone off my puffer. I loved it at first, loved to see the vapour. Now I hate it. Its making me feel sick so hopefully this will be the end of it, or if not it will mean using it a lot less.

Lillie x

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Thanks Kat. I read on one of the sites that plenty of water and either chicken or beef broth would help. Ive only got oxo cubes lol so Im using them tonight, its for the sodium as I hate salt on my food xxx

ps. Im only doing it as Ive got a night out with work soon. I can hide my tummy under my work clothes but I really want it gone for when I go out with that lot. (I say that lot as my fellow managers are not my favourite people). Ive got to go as part of the team but I don't want to <sob>


That's a great idea, thanks Kat will get some in the morning xxx


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