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Morning all,

I am on day 48, all holding steady (I think), but over the past few nights I have been having really bad nightmares. Not normal run-of-the-mill scary dreams but awful things happening to my nearest and dearest. The sort that leave you awake terrified/shellshocked??

Anyone know what I am on about? I'm not on or had champix btw.


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I had those dreams, mainly about my 6 yr old daughter....they were utterly soul destroying...but Im using patches and put mine down to wearing them overnight (which I promptly stopped).

The thing my OH would tell me is to remember that they are dreams, its your mind trying to clear itself and going into overdrive, and that these things are not happening or will happen to those you love the most....helped a little to keep that in my mind when an image formed from my nightmares, but I know its not easy.

I hope they settle for you soon



Thank you Melissa :)

The bit that got me is that searching for similar have all been either users of champix or patches - I've had neither. I suppose it's just the brain realigning itself.

I won't bore you with the details but last nights I can remember were a reliving of my elderly grandparents suffering from smoking related disease. Truly horrible at the time (20 years ago) and nasty to replay it again.

I won't say it's good to know that you've had the same but you know what I mean ;)


I think the bad dreams start when you stop the nicotine. Which looking at you sig was not to long ago.

I just looked on it as our sub conscious coming to terms with a severe loss : our best buddy, good old nic. Suddenly loosing something so precious to us puts our brains into a bit of the old post traumatic shock. And we dream of losing things we love to rationalise it.

Anyway if it helps I had horrid dreams and sleep was totally messed. I would say I did not feel anywhere close to normal until 3 months and even then I felt more strange than anything.

Keep with it and I promise it will slowly get better.



Sorry meant to also add the strange feeling to me felt like imminent doom. It just felt for months that something bad was on the horizon, it was very vague but yes that doom feeling went about the same time as the dreams. And to be honest I think it was likely mild depression. Given how nicotine messes with things in your noggin, getting mildly depressed is probably normal for withdrawal. Or normal for me.



This is absolutely part of your brain rewiring itself without nicotine. I did have a few nightmares but mostly just very very realistic dreams. I'd bet you are just about past that phase, it shouldn't last too much longer.


Hi Paul

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Gives me plenty to consider.

As someone who's natural state could be quite anxious I feel if anything calmer now. I realise that heavy nicotine sessions were not relieving feelings of anxiety as I thought at the time but if anything were adding to them if not causing it outright.

Having been treated for anxiety once in the past it is not something I would want to have to go through again. The prescribed meds were awful.

all the best



I'd bet you are just about past that phase, it shouldn't last too much longer.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your note I hope so to - it's getting a bit draining waking up bolt upright at 4am freaking out :o

all the best



Stiffler, its not a bore at all!! If fellow quitters cant speak among ourselves, im not sure we would get through it!! Its the only place we all have common ground and goals :)

The nightmares are shocking, you wonder why your mind would even attempt to play with some of the things we dream....:confused:, but as others have said, its our minds and brain getting itself back to normal, and the nicotine in a desperate bid to survive. Hopefully, they will pass for you really soon :)


I have only been CT for 10 days but I have has 3 dreams about being caught smoking - notice I use the word caught! :)

Hi Jenny

can I ask caught as in made to feel guilty?

That has been a recurring theme for me, not smoking as such more being blamed for bad things and made to feel like a wrongdoer.




The smoking dreams are the worst because they make you feel like you have actually been smoking!


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