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my daughter set me a quit date of my 30th birthday which is in 2 weeks but i stopped 3 week ago and going strong,im on week 3 of champix i only have 1 or 2 cravings a day a now and most of the time dont want to smoke well i feel so sick from the champix thats the last thing i want to do , already i have saved around £100 which is great . i really cannot see me ever smoking again but i know not to be become complacent this has been a journey and a half , the dreams i have are out of this world and the anger and sadness is going now , it will all be worth it . :D just in need of moral support for the times when its hardest like drinking with friends or high stress situations , i dont smoke but i feel like i could hopefully that will subside in time.

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Well done Moon, you will get plenty of support on here. You sound like you have everything under control but they monster thoughts of smoking can hit you hard and right out of the blue. Stay on guard, keep going x


Hi Moon and welcome to this great place :)

and WELL DONE on reaching

3 weeks

that is a great start and if you go to quick links and scroll down to social groups you will find a champix group that you could join if you want to

this place is full of people that understand what your going through so dont be afraid to use it especially if you feel your resolve weakening

keeping a positive mindset is one of the best ways to keep your quit counting the days is another and keep saying i choose not to smoke today helps to reinforce your determation

i used to have reminders going of on my phone every so often to remind me that i choose not to smoke

i look forward to reading your updates


onwards and upwards is the only way to go




Well Done!!!

Hi Moon,

Well Done on reaching 3 weeks! It is hard work, but it is so worth it isn't it!!?

It was also my daughter that wanted me to quit, she is only 6 bless her, but kept seeing the adverts on TV.....

This forum is brilliant, only joined a couple of weeks ago, find myself on here on a daily basis! lol :D

Keep checking in, to rant or cry.



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