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End of day 3 - worst day yet

Finally decided to quit smoking..... again!!!!! Currently at the end of day 3 and feel I have reached my peak with feeling irritable. Also having the most vivid dreams and nightmares unlike anything I've had before and my sleep pattern is AWOL, has anyone else experienced this???

Going cold turkey to finally break the habit but feel I may injure someone first hahaha feel like a stresshead at the moment and very moody!!!!!

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Yeah I felt absolutely terrible for the first few days.

Waking up every 2-3 mins every night feeling really panicky.

Feel anxious all day every day. Feeling really low and terrible mood.

But I knew with each hour and each day that I did, it would slowly be getting easier. So I carried on fighting through, and sure enough, it got easier.

Hang in there. Good luck


Im on day 2 currently of cold turkey and its pretty constant ay! you will find you feel better from day 5 onwards. I always think 1-4 are worst physically and 5-8 mentally are tough! Just dont be disheartened if you feel worst before i gets better :D soon you will be as calm and cool as they come :cool: xxxx


The longest I have lasted quitting was just over 3 months then fell off the wagon. It's soooooo frustrating because I know I don't want to do this forever but can't seem to stop.

Also seem to be really clumsy and dizzy at the moment no coordination at all when does this get easier hahaha


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