No Smoking Day
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7 weeks

And Im now into my 8th week of not having a ciggie.

Ive got to be honest this week has been a pain. Ive had thoughts, not cravings, about having one all week, it still helps when people are spending over £80 on 200 cigs and Im taking the money off them. No way am I paying that again for something to kill me.

I haven't got fully onto the 0%juice yet but Im not bothered. Im not advertising this thing Im using but it is helping me and that's what matters to me. I have found that I don't use it as much at work as I do at home so Im getting more busy at home to cut down here as well.

Ive been using the wii fit (so funny) and Ive got my running kit. Just downloaded the couch to 5k podcasts so as soon as my running shoes get here that's my next challenge.

Ive always wanted to run but Ive never been able to because of the state my lungs were in. I have copd but Im hoping that the exercise will strengthen my lungs, and Ive noticed that I can exercise more easily since not smoking.

I know I don't post on here very often but I do think of all of you and I wish you well on your journeys.

Lillie xx

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Hi Lillie,

Well done on getting to week 8. You should be proud of yourself.

Good luck with the running. I know Angry Bear did the couch to 5k thing and he's running a marathon next year! Kazzytee runs as well.

Is there a running group set up on here that you can join and all stay in touch? You could get encouragement and advice whenever you need it from people who have been there and done what you're doing that way.

Anyhow, keep it up and, as Karri says, please let us know how you're getting on.

Molly :)


Hi :) well done on your achievement its blinking brilliant!! I was wondering tho whats this couch to 5k thing? did you download it onto your phone?


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