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I have returned, lets try again.


Hello everyone, this is my second time on this forum, I was here last year. Let me explain myself. I have been smoking for over 20 years, and about 20 a day, more if I am out and drinking.

I came here last year about this time of the year actually, and I quit . I was six months smoke free and was SO happy with myself. I was convinced I would never smoke again and was feeling the benefits on my skin, breathing, overall well being.

My sister however got a sudden illness , was in ICU for a week and died. That week was hell on earth. For the first few days I was all over the place then I asked a stranger for a ciggerette, hands up no excuse, I just did. Then I had one or two as the days passed, .I did this for a week, then decided I would confess to my husband that I was smoking again. ( he was disappointed of course) So as the weeks passed I went right back to my 20 a day, and no six months later am going to stop again. I won't use the word TRY I will stop. I am taking champix, they do help I am convinced they do. However the nausea is the one thing that I find so very hard. Espically in the morning. Has anyone got any tips for me?. I could do with any help I can get. I have quit smoking so many times, I think I would win Olympic gold for attempts.

so this is my plan, I start champix today, and on the 13th of this month I hope to post in the evening having completed day one smoke free.

Wish me luck........... ( wish there was some magic way of quitting this terrible habit, how come they can put a capsule on mars but can't invent a brain chip to make us loathe smoking)


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Hi Pat, good luck on your quest to to become smoke free, I can understand you starting again the Nicodemon always will attack when we are at our lowest ebb and vulnerable, but the experience will strengthen you, which will give you a much better chance this time!!!! I stopped smoking using Champix I am probably one of the lucky ones, I had no noticeable side effects and it was a great help to me. Also I try not to miss logging into the forum daily this I have found a great help. You already know how wonderful it feels like to be a non-smoker, you will soon have that feeling again and the freedom that comes with it.

Thanks folks, Lotsie, good idea to read my old posts, I will do that now.

Rex, lucky you with no side effects. I know it isn't going to be easy but I remember last year going on a ski trip and being thrilled that the flight and the two hour stay in the airport wasn't a horror, because I wasn't smoking I could enjoy both the airport wait and the flight, no desire to escape and smoke. Lots of little things like that gave me a huge high. I hope like you rex I won't have any side effects this time. Maybe expecting the side effects is what gives them........ :eek:

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