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No Smoking Day
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34th Day Smoke free

Hey all of you ! Its great to share some experiences with persons who actually quitted. I was trying to attend a programme however they were all smokers trying to quit - infact I left the group as I had already quiited for two weeks.

From the 3rd week onwards it was getting easier, and tought less about smoking. However these past few days I am sort of finding something "missing" whenever I wake up or do a big job ( usually used to smoke after doing something ).

It is not like it drives me crazy and I can control them now being my 5th week smoke free. However find it strange that I am feeling so now....

Anyone the same?

I am on nicotine patches 25 mg

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Hello, estenada, and welcome to the forum!

Yes.....definitely a feeling of emptiness and loss; almost a mourning for something which has gone. Add to that the fact that the initial excitement and thrill of your quit may have waned and there you have it.

Can you get something new and exciting into your life to fill the space that the fags were taking up? I have started to have days out to nice places, which I couldn't afford when I smoked. Also, I save some of the money for emergencies and my old age.

Some people save the money for something special, such as a holiday or a fabulous new televison. It makes a lot of difference when you have things to look forward to!

This forum is brilliant for support, so keep posting and sharing your success and asking any questions.......people are happy to share their experiences and offer whatever help they can! :)




Hi Estenada and welcome to the forum it;s a good place to be. Regarding your question it's quite a common feeling we all seem to have in the beginning of our quit but it fade's into the distance the longer your quit until it disappears altogether and then you are FREE


thanks a lot

thanks a lot for your replies its great to talk with someone who is passing tru the same journey as I am . Yes they tend to fade ! Hopefully will be keeping it as I feel healthier and neater without them :):D


Yes the feeling of "missing" something lingers for quite a while. Especially when you run into those trigger scenarios. I didn't smoke too much during the day at work, but I fell into the routine of smoking immediately before work, during lunch, then immediately after work. The first two went away pretty quick, but the after work trigger still comes around occasionally. I used to smoke on the weekends more too (of course due to drinking), so the feeling to smoke comes around a little bit on the weekends still too.

Keep pushing through it, the feelings fade over time. Once they go away completely your life as a smoker will be a distant unfamiliar memory!


Hi there and welcome to the forum. For me it was as if I'd lost my best friend - a bereavement that I felt I mourned over for a while early on. However there came a point when I realised that it wasn't a friend at all and my mood lifted. I think tht was the addiction talking. Smoking was such a huge part of our lives that I think it's normal to feel an emptiness for a bit. I'm sure it will pass soon.

Well done on your quit so far!!



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