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Its day 28


soooo i guess ive done my stoptober!!!! 28 days i've literally amazed my self!

Though i could not have done it without the champix (for which i am grateful) i knew the time to give up smoking had arrived, as i was sick of them, though that didn't stop me going for a cig whenever the thought to have one arose, i had tried patches and inhalator and just could not smack the cravings on the head (guess im pretty weak to be honest) but that thought aside as i refuse to let that one sit on my tongue or in my head for very long, as i made the initial decision to quit and took my bad self to the docs to get the prescription etc etc

I did not think that my husband would follow this through as he was always dead against the idea and to be honest smokers cannot see the life without cigarettes until you have started and got through those first horrible days and can see that Yes you can live without them... That they really do rule your life.

Hubby couldn't see past the "we all smoke at work, its what i do" and i couldn't see past the "i cannot drive a car without a cig" what about after dinner? lets go for a walk but lets roll 3 fags a piece first!!! family meal and looking for the right time in the conversation to say just popping for a smoke! god the list is endless and now feels slightly embarrasing as we have coped just fine.... to the end i will continue this war as this is one fight i will win!!! (and not just because i am female lol) :D

Have a fab day everyone!!!

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Hi Spooks what a fantastic post. I think you've summed up the smoker's mentality just right there, can't quit won't quit.

I believe (now) that until your mind is set on quitting then you've not chance of stopping. That moment of clarity.

Difficult to explain but I'm sure someone knows what I mean :p

Well done on 28 days!!

Ahhh, the old, have you got everything, phone, purse, fag tin, lighter? Isn't it amazing how quickly we adjust? I would only buy a handbag that had a separate pocket on the front so that I'd have easy access to my fags and lighter. I was tidying my wardrobe the other day and had to hoover my handbags as they all had tobacco crumbs in them :eek: You are doing so well Spooks, keep it up.;)

Hey there Spooks 28 days well done you!!!!

Brilliant post Spooks! My hubby and I were exactly the same.

We always found excuses to be miserable about giving up. This is our first quit that's gone beyond 3 months and we both feel so much happier. Once you get out of the mental stranglehold that smoking has on you, the rest is easy in comparison! But that mental stranglehold is sooooooo intense!! I couldn't see happiness without a cigarette in my hand! How stupid is that?!?!???

Well done for reaching 4 weeks!! Onwards and upwards now! But yourselves a nice treat to celebrate your amazing achievement!


It is shocking the denial we have been in and allowed ourselves every excuse under the sun to be able to sneak off for those what i would class as me time chillaxing cig moments, or celebratory cigs, or the world is out to get me days and smoke loads.... but i can only see it for what it is due to giving up and being able to look back at my once controlled life! otherwise i would still be doing the above! Sheesh when i think about it this comment would have been left half way through to have a fag break :eek: shocking!!!

Thanks guys here's to fab smoke free life for us all!

So true! I think it takes a while to break free from the power of that filthy drug that had such a physical and mental hold on us.

Once my head was clear (a few months in) it became easy to see what a hold smoking had on me and I was so glad to be liberated from it! I don't like something being in control of me!

Thats how my nan quit CT she said she wasn't going to be controlled by anything and that was that..... cigarettes were doomed!!!

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