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Day 24 and Day 7 for hubby and a new project lol


Yayyyy it feels good, not saying im full of life yet, my dad bless him owned up that he gave the champix up at around 9 weeks as he said they started to make him feel sick and all of that again as they did in early days, got to admit i couldn't be arsed with the brekkie thing yesterday morning and took said tablet on empty stomach only lined with black coffee and OMG sick feeling, tight area around chest and back and urgggghhh..... anyhooo had some toast and banana and instantly felt better (weird tablets) won't be skipping breakfast again in a hurry!!

Hubby is just fine... tablets do not have any odd effects on him, he also had his first smoking dream haha thought we had both smoked in it! :D

Well on to my next project now as pumpkin king done, certainly kept me busy, now for the costume for OH and to start cutting up and painting a tux with white stripes lol ha wish me luck!!!

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Its so good to hear you slowly coming out of the other side hun i bet your family are so proud of you

love the pic btw hope you share some when you have made the outfits and are wearing them :)

hope you have a great weekend

Hi Carol

Thanks, my family are so pleased i was the last out of us all to give up, so they were glad when i finally quit.

will definately share a pic, though not so sure what to go as myself... hmmmm think think think!!!

Have a great weekend yourself :)

Ha thanks Debbie... to be honest i can be.... i have to suddenly get a bee in the bonnet and then there is not stopping me... otherwise yep like you i will go to the shops much easier and less blood sweat and tears lost haha! :D

Good luck with the cossie. I had to stop taking the morning pill as I felt so ill regardless of whether I'd eaten brekkie or not, my OH stopped taking them after four weeks, he's now almost 8 weeks smoke free with no withdrawal symptoms, swine :D. It defo affects each one of us differently ;)

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