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Good morning day 11

Good Morning all, and good morning day 11, wish i hadn't had such weird dreams last night OMG thinking shame ive smoked so many cigs today that here i am back at day 1 - felt so real, then on to something completely different and totatlly irrelevant, think i may have sciatica not sure but in a hell load of pain, but this is nothing unusual as have probs with pain and weakness in legs at the best of times... ahh well. On the plus side (without my im a smoker dream to ruin the feel good factor) i feel good, the only times yesterday did i think about cigs, came at points where once i would have had one, ie i opened the car window on my to my daughters school, and then i grinned and closed it and drove off, and after the meeting (2 hrs jees i would have once been climbing the walls, not concentrated on anything said etc) as i walked outside would also have been a spark up moment, but as ive said before it last seconds if that, good ol champix!! Have a great smoke free day everyone!

Must be more awake this morning as ive posted in the right area :D

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Way to go hun :) reaching day 11 is brilliant

sorry to hear your suffering though :( its not nice being in pain

oh and smoking dreams are scary :eek: but what a relief when you wake up and realise it was just a dream :rolleyes: i know the ones i had seemed so real and one i could even smell stale smoke when i first woke and was convinced i had indeed smoked but once my head cleared i just had a chuckle instead as no i was on the road to freedom :D

hope the pain soon goes away and that you have a good weekend

onwards and upwards is the only way to go



Well done, Spooks, Day 11 is brilliant.:D Champix is SO good, isn't it.......after just a few days the craves just disappear and any thoughts of fags are just that.....thoughts.

Have you noticed the benefits like better breathing, better skin, more money, feeling fresher and more full of life yet? It's all good this quitting lark, there aren't really any down sides to it!

Keep on with the good work. :)



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