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No Smoking Day
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The diary of a non smoker - nearly the end of Day 1!

Right trying a new approach.... The dear diary method so I can come back and read if and when required!!

Hope I don't bore you all just hoping it helps me so sorry if I do!

Well so much for my stoptober quit which lasted a whole day and a half...... Pathetic or what! After a hard day yesterday (that we all have, non smokers included) I told myself that coming home to a cup of tea and a fag would take all my problems away, didn't take much convincing and stupidly that's what I did!

Time to analyse the situation, my problems were:

A) Hard day at the office

b) Feeling moody and down

c) missing my mammy

D) trying to figure out how to get my son to sleep by himself rather than having to spend my evenings sitting by his bed

e) having a bad weight watchers day

Did having a fag and a cuppa help any of the above - Hell No

A) the work was still waiting on me this morning

B) still felt moody and down this morning

C) a fag can't bring mammy back, it's what took her from me! and daddy too!!!

D) still had to sit beside my sons bed, me having a fag isn't going to make him sleep by himself

E) I still weighed the same!

So after throwing away another attempt, as well as making my hubby blow his quit cos I brought fags into the house. I ended up feeling so much worse off and filled with anger! :mad:

After thinking it through I thought it would be a good idea to write down my thoughts so I can remind myself as with every attempt I seem to lose my mindset!

So anyway, today I gave up on the e-cig, I just don't think it works for me as it's not taking me away from the mindset that I need to smoke. I thought about trying Champix again but decided to stick on a patch and off to work I went!

So how did today go:

A) I had an extremely productive day at work

B) in a better mood

C) liking myself a little bit more than yesterday

D) lost half a pound in weight watchers lol

Pretty good for day 1 think. Just need to focus on day 2 instead of worrying what's ahead!

If your still reading at this point, hope I didn't bore you too much :) xx

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Thanks Kat!

Wonder could I start a new thread for tips on getting a 20month old to go to bed lol


Aww I'll have to nip it in the bud quick!

Hubby got him settled so it really is turning out yo be a good day :)

Onwards and upwards :)


Oh god! She may hope its twins she gets! It's so easy to give into them though, hard to listen to them cry!

Well off to bed I go while I can lol night night Kat x


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