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Has anyone tried Champix more than once before it actually worked? My first quit with Champix lasted a yr, my second attempt with Champix lasted a month but the hubby thought it wasn't agreeing with me so wanted me to come off them so of course I was straight back smoking again. I personally thought I was ok. Thinking of giving it another try but I do have my 'moments' so afraid it's going to mess with me head! Advice/ experiences anyone???

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Ive been on hem twice, the 1st time was better then the 2nd.. just co6ldnt quit the 2nd time x


I've just started my twelfth week of champix and apart from one massive meltdown yesterday, they really have worked for me. I have only been taking the night time one for the last six weeks as found it really hard to concentrate on spreadsheets when my head was spinning and felt icky, but apart from some rather loud and toxic windy moments, I've got along fine with them. I think your mindset has a lot to do with it, if you're ready to stop and you've got a helping hand your brain copes a bit better. You quit for a year before so you're no greenhorn at this quitting lark, I think if you're ready for the trigger points and know how to deal with them, this will be your forever quit.



Thanks for your replies, it does seem to have different affects on different people! The hubby's really not keen on me trying them again so I just stuck on a patch this morning! So far so good :)


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