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Smoking loses again

I was at hospital today for an operation on my hip and, when I was taken back to the ward, I heard another lady saying that she was starting to feel like a smoke once she'd come round properly.

All I could think was thank god that isn't me. Thank god my life no longer revolves around when my next cigarette will be.

Am now settled at home and don't have to worry about getting up onto my crutches and hobbling to the back door once an hour! :)

Just wanted to post about this, as you can never have too many good non-smoker moments!!

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Hi Sarah,

Wishing you the speediest of recoveries and hope your new hip is the bees knees !

Know exactly what you are saying because I thought the same at the airport. No more smoking a packet before going through security and counting every second on the flight !

Nice feeling :) Xx


Well done hun, hope you recover really quickly :)

Make sure you milk it for all it's worth while you're recovering :p xxx


Thanks guys :) Looking forward to being a bit more mobile soon but definately enjoying the TLC at the moment! OH is doing a great job at being nurse and there is chocolate readily available at my side!

Just glad that I don't fancy a smoke. Couldn't be fussed with that right now!

Thanks again xxxx


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