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My last day in the Month 2 Room

Hooray, 61 days down, tomorrow will be two whole months, I can't believe it. 61 days ago when TOH met me from work holding a fag ready for me and I said "Actually I'm going to try not to today" that today stretched to tomorrow, the day after, the first week and now I'm two months down the line. I'm not saying it's been a walk in the park but it certainly would have been a lot harder without this forum, just knowing there are so many people going/having been through the same thing is unbelievably empowering, and with the excellent support network I just know I can handle any situation. I'm sorting out a new dentist so that I can see the hygienist and get these teeth polished, then they should stay white until the next visit rather than just the couple of weeks they used to last before. I haven't been making too many new purchases of late as me and TOH are now arguing what comes first, gutting the bathroom and completely redecorating throughout, or a holiday to Canada, either one will come from our saved pennies. Decisions, decisions.:rolleyes:;):D

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If you think I'm going to risk not getting a dancing banana from you Max just to have a puff on a nasty, stinky cancer giving stick, you're more bonkers than me :rolleyes:


One day behind

Hi your doing great, and so have been using you as my virtual buddy in my quit, as I know am one day behind you, so your posts really help, well done get your self a treat a glass or two have a celebration :)


Wooooooohoooooo great work, you must be so proud. Celebrate!! You deserve it.



Thank you everyone, I had a few glasses of some very nice red last night, woke up at 2.30am wondering where on earth I was before heading up to bed, I can't bet on it but I'm pretty sure I missed some of Strictly :rolleyes:


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