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Toyah day 4


Morning all...struggling a bit this morning for some popped on here just before work...Got really bad cravings this morning...had to have a go on my e-cig (got the oil one)....but really dont want to get into a habit with this just want to use it as a last resort....

Went to my friends late last night and she was puffing away wonder if thats got anything to do with it as its the first time I have been in contact with a 'smoker'....

also coughing quite a lot but hoping thats the crap loosening up....

Im not going to smoke got a busy ish day around OTHER non smokers.

On the plus side had a first date with a non smoker last night and it was great not having to worry about stinking or worrying if I dare have a fag...happy

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You'll be fine Toyah, when the craves come along just get through them 5 minutes at a time if you have to. I found that inhaling as if I was smoking helped, together with lots of water.

A first date with a non smoker eh? Go you!

By the way, how did the rap operation go? ..... Sorry, I meant the hip op :p :D

Hi there Capitan....thanks for your reply getting through the day ok just seems really bad today the physical craving rather than the lets have a fag habit...

lol lol lol...The Hip Hop went really well thank you no problems at all..:)

Thanks hangin in quite good at the beginning of a quit...its 3months down the line i tend to fail....i always tend to date non smokers and spend all my time wishing they would go home so I can have a fag...He was really nice last night so hope to see him again..x

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