No Smoking Day
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Toyah Checking in

Hi guys...been so busy just checking in for day 3 on the morning of day 4...Im still here had a few craving but not too bad...its more of the going to have one then realizing oh I dont smoke lol....Im using patches and a spray and used the spray yesterday morning just as I was going out the door, as i went to shut the spray i squirted it full on in my eyes!!!...not a good idea it stung like hell and had to rinse my eyes and go to work with big red eyes and no make-up...:eek:

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:( ouch sounds painful

hope your day goes well hun :)


lol carol it was...thought oh god ive packed up smoking and blinded myself!!!...x


Day 4

Hey Toyah... Im also on day 4... going cold turkey... joined here for support the same as everyone else I guess.... :-)


I thought patches were for body ? (Joke)... All adds to a memorable quit !

Lol...sorry bet it hurt like hell x


Hi bluejules...well done on your quit we can look out for each other..

lol woo1961 I must have mistook it for an eye patch...xx


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