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Day 17 - why do i always struggle here?

So im in my third week yay :D but the last 3 days ive been really moping about having a cig. I havent even attempted to have one because i would like to see if it passes (im sure it will) but i am using my spray loads! I think its making me feel worse lol but i almost have a sense of panic if i dont have it on me at all times. I would like to give it the heave-ho but i dont know if this stage in time if having nicotine withdrawal (again!) will tip me over the edge. I dunno.

I also feel very tired. Which i believe is normal for week 3.

I dont wanna go back to smoking, because what is the point in being a smoker, theres no benefits at all. ahhhhh screw you fags why you do this to me:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

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lol max i had a spray as soon as i read that like 'yes sir'! :D

Personally i believe this is another psychological barrier. That what now!? feeling because nothing happened lol like no fire works went off, no rush euphoria. zilch. but then nothing terriable happened either. just same old me minus the fags.

I wont know what the barrier is until i break i guess!

Dont worry, Bensons will never have me a customer again, if they had a customer service dept i would ring and complain that their products are dreadfully addictive and seem to be damaging my health! :eek:

Reply could be that the excitement of quitting has worn off. When you smoked, you had fags and when you are starting your quit you have the excitement of quitting. Once the initial excitement has worn off, there is a bit of empty fags and no excitement. That is certainly how it seemed to me, could it be the same for you?

Is there something that you could replace that excitement with......perhaps a reward at the end of every day, so that you have something to look forward to? :)




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