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Day 6 begins

Morning all

Here I am on day 6 holding a steady(ish) course. This morning walking to the station I felt a real longing for something that was missing almost like a physical thing...then an intense craving. Pleased to say I held out as 1. I haven't got any smokes and 2. I'm not going to give in the 1st time it gets difficult.

Then encountered a gentleman having a smoke outside the station and felt a really strong feeling of anger/pity. Kind of like my self conscious mind is realising the no good that comes of the habit.

Anyway I have made it to work without losing the plot, I will stop rambling for now :o

best wishes


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Well done for getting past that overwhelming urge, you will get more but you'll be armed and ready to deal with them from now on. I know what you mean about the conscience/anger thing, I saw a smart looking young lady this morning walking to work and then she stopped and lit a fag, it totally changed her demeanour and my initial reaction was "Oh no, don't do it, now you look awful" then I was hoping that she, a total stranger, would quit for Stoptober. Needless to say I then had a word with myself for being a sanctimonious old boot :rolleyes:


great post

Hi Steve :)

Well done on not giving into that pesky smoking demon

and tomorrow you enter into another room

:D :D :D


:D :D :D

how amazing is that

onwards and upwards is the only way to go


Well done - every craving that you dont give in to is another victory! I have been uber angry today but I am now taking this as a personal vendetta - I will NOT give in to this and I WILL beat this. This mind set is def helping me at the moment..........


Thank you all so much for the encouragement shown in the replies to my earlier rant :o

I have not caved in you will be pleased to hear...not that I was close to it anyway :)

There is a works drinks meet up after work this evening. I am desperately trying to come up with a valid excuse not to go. There WILL be smoking present and I just don't want my resolve tested this early surrounded by beer n fags.

No one at work knows I've quit as I never used to do it much during working hours anyway.

Make sense?

Cheers all



I remember that feeling of missing something, Steve....I actually felt quite sad, as if I'd lost a friend.:o It's just another of those hurdles you have to get over on the road to smokefreeness! DID get over it, so "well done" to you! There will be more hurdles, but you have shown that you can get over them and that is what it is all about. It is such a good feeling when you don't give in!




Take each hour / day at a time ok. Well Done ! This website is here 24/7 and you can rant as much as you like. Someone will come back to you !

Be kind to yourself, your body will thank you for it and you are in for all the treats very soon of being a non smoker !


Evening all

just checking in again. I passed on the after work drinkies and headed straight for the train and home. Today has been without doubt the most difficult :mad:


I have kept my resolve. I will not give in without a fight.

The disgusting mouth is definitely much improved over yesterday.

The skin on my hands feels weird - like soft :eek:

Small victories, but they make so much difference.

Once again thank you all for the messages of support and encouragement. Hopefully in a short while I will be able to support others too :)

all the best


Reply does improve when you quit. I suppose it depends on how old you are anyway plus how much/how long you smoked, but I swear I look 10 years younger already! :D I smell nicer too! :D

The benefits of quitting are many and assorted! It's almost as if you become a different person, but I suppose we are just becoming the people that we used to be before we let nicotine rule our lives. He ain't coming back into mine, that's a certainty.

The end of another day comes closer....that's another day without fags, another battle won, Steve. Feels good, doesn't it? :)



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