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Toyah Checking in

Hi all just a quick check in for day 2....been really busy and still am so just a quickey....

As I have been so busy not really had time to think about smoking but on a few occassions have gone to have one then remembered im a non smoker yeeeee haaarrr.

Been to the dentist today and was really nice not having to worry about stinking of fags when I got in the chair, although in the wating room I sat next to a smoker and he stunk, glad it was not me stinking..

Well see you all tomorrow in day 3....xxxxxxx

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Hiya and welcome back

Hi Toyah, I've recently rejoined also, 2 weeks free now :) it's great!

I know what you mean about the dentist, unfelt the exact same way at my last appointment, didn't have the worry of oh god how badly are my teeth stained, do I smell like an astray!

It's great to be FREE :)


Hi there MrsMash09 your name sounds very familiar...well done you on your 2 week quit keep up the good


Great to see you back Toyah, you can't keep a good 'un down!

Make it stick this time, you know you can and you know it makes sense :cool: :D


Well done on your 2nd day, Toyah! :) Don't let the stupid smelly nicotine monster and his nasty tricks win this time. He makes people smell and costs them lots of money. He causes terrible diseases. Uuuugggghhhhh. :eek::eek:

GET RID OF HIM......Day 3 awaits you! :D:D



Thanks Noggin and nice to see your still around Capitan offering your brilliant advice....xxxxx


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