New September & Stoptober group

One thing I found in the past was having a support network was a really good thing as long as you use it. It's always a great help having people who are at a similar stage so I have set up a social group. To access it click on 'quick links' above, select 'social groups' select the group and then the join option. I hope to see lots of people joining up, especially with Stoptober just around the corner, us September quitters can help ourselves and them by giving them a fresh support network over and above the fabulous people who use the forum daily.

Group is the September and Stoptober group (lol)

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  • Oh you lucky devil you have me in yer group-stopped the silly business of smoking on 010913...and going strong x

  • What a fantastic idea Mark. It makes it so much easier to be in a group.

    There is always someone around to cheer you up, pick you up or give you a kick up the bum if you need one :D

    Well done Mark

    Molly x

  • :D

    Brilliant idea Mark

    im sure you will get quite afew members joining you


  • Bumping this to let our Stoptober buddies know about the group.

    Good luck to everyone starting out today. You are embarking on an incredible journey but you will have a great support network as you go.

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