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Hello Everyone.

I have actually come to the quitters party a bit late as I only discovered these forums today - I am actually on day 4 since finally saying "enough!" on Friday just gone after best part of a pack a day for nearly 20 years.

I have been reading some very informative posts and looks like a goldmine of useful info and encouragement.

Best regards to all


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Good luck and this place dose help :)


Welcome Steve and congrats on a good job so far:) 4 days is amazing:D

Think you've done the best thing by joining in this forum, it has been an enormous help to me and many others.

Very best of luck to you XXX


From one Steve to another - welcome and good luck - this place is great, whenever you are feeling a bit weak, just log on and read others experiences it gets you through


Thank you all for the kind welcome. Good to have found such wonderful support - so day 4 is history - up and at em Day 5 here we go :)

All the best



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